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Why Does Optimising The WAN Still Really Matter?

If you’re serious about participating in today’s 24/7, globalised marketplace without appropriate connectivity – you may be kidding yourself.

That’s the stark warning from vendor Riverbed Technology, which has been doing some thought leadership work recently explaining to CIOs why optimising wide area networks (WANs), even in the era of the internet, is still a top priority.

As the firm says, the days of comfortably being able to run your company from desktop PCs in a familiar nine to five working day are long gone.

Instead, we have a world obsessed with speed, efficiency and ‘follow-the-sun’ operational disciplines – which is also one where a page load slowdown of a mere second, it has been estimated by one large ecommerce giant, can directly lead to a $1.6BN loss of potential sales.

In response, IT leaders need to work on their WAN to ensure that branch offices or satellite operations don’t end up the poor cousins when it comes to performance, as this will weaken the company’s performance overall.

Proper WANs will also help you grow your business outside your regular territory, says the company.

WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology is the market-leading provider of application performance infrastructure.

For more information about Riverbed, please click here.

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