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Threat Of DDoS Attacks On The Rise, Arbor Report Finds

There has been a 50 per cent increase in the size of distributed-denial of service (DDoS) attacks over the past decade, new research by Arbor Networks has found.

In its latest Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR), the threat protection specialist examined the most critical security challenges facing today’s network operators. In the 10th iteration of the annual report the key findings suggested that DDoS attacks are becoming more common, more complicated and larger in size.

The company found that the largest reported attack in 2014 was 400Gbps, with other large reported events at 300, 200 and 170Gbps. A further six respondents reported events over the 100Gbps threshold. Ten years ago, the largest attack was eight Gbps.

The areas of the network being targeted are also changing; 90 per cent of respondents reported application-layer attacks and 42 per cent experienced multi-vector attacks that combine volumetric, application-layer and state exhaustion techniques within a single sustained attack.

DDoS attacks are becoming more common too; in 2013, just over one quarter of respondents stated that they had seen more than 21 attacks per month. In 2014, this figure had nearly doubled to 38 per cent.

Darren Anstee, Arbor Networks’ director of solutions architects, commented: “In 2004, the corporate world was on watch for self-propagating worms like Slammer and Blaster that devastated networks the year before; and, data breaches were most likely carried out by employees who had direct access to data files.

“Today, organisations have a much wider and more sophisticated range of threats to worry about, and a much broader attack surface to defend. The business impact of a successful attack or breach can be devastating – the stakes are much higher now.”

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