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Riverbed Steelheads enable machinery firm ‘to delay bandwidth upgrade’

Riverbed has helped one agricultural machinery company delay the need for a bandwidth upgrade for three years as a result of installing its Steelhead appliances.

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR has seen its bandwidth capacity increase fourfold after deploying Riverbed's wide area network (WAN) optimisation solutions across its Indian and European bases as part of a programme to consolidate a data centre, the vendor explained.

System and network manager at the agriculture firm Luciano Bearzi said: "Within minutes of unpacking the Steelhead appliance, the system was deployed at our German subsidiary with no requirement to change our existing infrastructure," adding that data could be accessed over the WAN "in a matter of seconds".

The main applications and IT systems in its Italy-based data centre were centralised in a bid to reduce costs and simplify the management of its infrastructure.

Another recent client success story reported by Riverbed was the case of TopLine Federal Credit Union, which enjoyed a reduction in its backup window from seven days to three hours after deploying Steelhead appliances.

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