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Riverbed SteelApp Enables Accelerated Website Rollout

Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, has announced that BARBRI Inc is using Riverbed SteelApp Traffic Manager to manage extreme fluctuations in website traffic caused by the bar exam schedule, which runs twice each year.

With the help of SteelApp, the BARBRI IT team was able to meet a tight deadline for the creation of a new IT infrastructure, while also applying a more modern look to its website, with minimal down time.

On a more long term basis, SteepApp will provide BARBRI with a range of functionality including web server performance monitoring and TrafficScript customisation language to provide streamlined website maintenance.

According to Greg Birdwell, infrastructure architect at BARBRI, SteelApp provides invaluable assistance in handling the fluctuation in traffic that takes place between April and July, and between November and February every year.

A software-based, affordable solution to load balancing a new IT infrastructure, SteelApp enabled Birdwell and his team to complete the task with one around one hour of installation, without any prior knowledge of how the system worked.

He continued: “In addition, we used SteelApp to do a quick server swap in the pool, so within two minutes, we had a brand new site. And, we could reassure people that if they didn’t like it, no problem. We could switch back to the old site just as quickly.”

With SteelApp, the BARBRI IT team can create rules for managing application traffic and automate tasks simply and easily, saving time and ensuring a top quality service for users.

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