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Riverbed Lists Five Biggest Remote Office IT Support Challenges

As applications become increasingly more complex, companies need to find efficient ways of ensuring their IT department’s performance is up to scratch. To help, WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology has listed the five biggest headaches IT support teams in remote offices currently face in a recent blog post.

The complexities of integrating existing infrastructure into a centralised hub mean that some IT often remains at branch offices. This is compounded when a merger takes place as more offices, potentially with incompatible infrastructure, are added to the network.

Traffic complexity is a twofold issue: not only are remote branches interconnected rather than to a single central data centre, but these networks are being bombarded by increasing amounts of traffic. As companies expand, employees need to stay connected, and around a quarter of enterprises expect to make significant investments in VoIP and/or unified communications in the next 12-18 months, adding even more pressure to networks.

Finally as remote branches are rarely fully staffed with trained IT operatives, troubleshooting often has to be done remotely, which can be a frustratingly slow process.

Riverbed offers solutions to help manage branch office application delivery services through a single piece of centralised hardware, Riverbed Stingray.

For more information about Riverbed, please click here and to read the blog in full please click here.

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