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Riverbed Lets Companies Put Customers First

Putting the customer first is incredibly important for almost any organisation today and technology is playing a pivotal role in enabling this.

In a recent study by Forrester, the research firm asserts that companies must find ways to gain competitive advantage through deeper knowledge of the customer. To do so there is increasing pressure placed on networks and those managing them; all applications, whether being used by the customer or by companies internally to analyse customer data, must be performing at optimum level – something Riverbed Technology’s market-leading solutions support.

In a recent blog post from Heidi Gabrielson of Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure, she states: “Network operations teams must shift from device and link-centric monitoring to focus on end-user experience in order to better understand how customers and employees are using applications and devices. This effort requires a coordinated approach across the IT organisation and throughout the business.”

Critical to achieving this shift is implementing network and application performance management solutions. Indeed, in a recent survey by the company, 97 per cent of Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse customers said such tools were important, very important or extremely important for putting the customer first.

SteelCentral AppResponse 9.0 allows users to simplify the set up and analysis of end-user experience data. This in turn enables teams to share data and insights, meaning they can spot trends faster and improve their customer-centric approach.

Essentially, deploying technology like this is now integral to improving the way organisations understand and serve their customer base as it alleviates the costly and time consuming process of managing networks and applications.

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