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Riverbed Highlights Benefits Of Connected VM Network

Rather than spinning up individual virtual machines (VM), it is better to create an entire network of connected VMs.

This is the advice of Riverbed Technology, a leader in application performance infrastructure. The company explained in a blog post: “Whether you're a service provider, deliver SaaS, or have internal or external customer networks, you can create virtual network offices for just about any type of network.”

Essentially Riverbed states that it is far easier, more time efficient and ultimately beneficial to connect multiple VMs into a single network. As such, it is time for IT staff to leave their comfort zone and embrace the change, even if the prospect of a VMware NSX technology – which creates a network of connected VMs – might appear a little daunting at first.

The Riverbed blog says: “Most of us know from experience that IT staff typically gets a little nervous around change and will let you know right away. They typically only like to manage what they know instead of relying on the advice of some whipper snapper engineer telling them how straightforward and easy it's going to be.”

The company continues to outline the benefits of the NSX platform when it comes Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), a network virtualisation technology that helps overcome scalability problems. The connected network will, the blog asserts, provide the user with visibility into traffic.

Riverbed concludes: “Seeing both the physical and virtual traffic associated with your VMware NSX virtualised environments will keep you from being blindsided by changes in your monitored network.”

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