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Riverbed Delivered Immediate Competitive Edge, Alamos Gold Reveals

Gold producer Alamos Gold has revealed how Riverbed SteelFusion gave it a competitive advantage through superior IT performance.

Founded in 1994, Alamos is based in Canada but has mining activities in Mexico and Turkey. When it needed to refresh its IT environment the company turned to Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure.

Alamos Gold’s business operations were generating a huge amount of data – for example, geologists would create a terabyte of mapping data each year. Low bandwidth and high latency resulted in many employees in the field resorting to sending data back to the company headquarters on DVD, in turn preventing real-time collaborating between the main office and those working at the mines.

After exploring the solutions of multiple vendors, Alamos found that only Riverbed was able to meet its needs. The SteelFusion converged branch infrastructure changed everything; it delivered a more cost-effective and performance-driven IT architecture that supports its global business, merging its disparate server, storage, and network infrastructure into a single branch appliance.

Rohit Tellis, director of IT at Alamos, stated: “Some applications were previously unusable by our employees, but once we implemented the Riverbed solution, they had local access to the application and its data.” He added that the deployment had dramatically improved the company’s disaster recovery plans by bringing the data together in one place.

The scalable solution also improved security measures and Alamos says it saw a positive ROI in six months. Mr Tellis asserts: “The Riverbed solution gives Alamos a competitive edge in the mining industry and an IT template for continued success.”

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