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Riverbed Debuts New Steelhead Solution

WAN optimisation specialists , Riverbed Technology, has launched a new edition of its Steelhead family that achieves true location-independent computing.

Riverbed’s new Steelhead appliance for the data centre, the DX Edition 8000 Series, sets out to address the increasing need of datacentre-to-datacentre data replication workloads.

With up to 99% bandwidth reduction and up to 60x WAN performance acceleration, the DX Edition 8000 Series allows businesses to benefit from reduced risk and cost while being able to transfer more data, more frequently, no matter the distance between datacentres.

According to Paul O'Farrell, senior vice president and general manager, Steelhead Products Group, Riverbed, the company’s latest edition to the Steelhead family allows data to be moved, stored and backed-up regardless of where datacentres are situated – all while sustaining a performance comparable to a local area network.

Facilitating WAN performance for critical business initiatives such as datacentre consolidation, branch server and storage centralisation and the move from tape-based backup to WAN-based data replication, the new Series supports up to 2 Gbps of optimised WAN capacity and up to 10 Gbps of optimised LAN capacity. It also features optimisations for data replication applications such as NetApp SnapMirror and EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility.

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