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Riverbed Central To MTC Australia’s Cloud Plans

Application performance experts Riverbed have helped a major Australian third sector organisation move to the cloud.

The customer in question is MTC Australia, a non-profit that helps residents of that country gain employment or access training.

The organisation had decided to aggressively embrace cloud as a platform, looking to, in the words of its CIO Branko Ceran, “move everything we could” to off-premise.

However, it was deemed critical to do so in a way that would not in any way impede or degrade the employee IT experience – which is where WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed, with its award-winning Application Performance Platform, came in.

Specifically, the vendor has provided just the right harness to allow MTC Australia to punch ahead with its stated ‘cloud first’ strategy.

And as a major side effect, the organisation is reporting not just a smooth adoption of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform, but a very welcome boost in network performance by a factor of 10 – as well as bandwidth upgrade costs coming down by an amazing two thirds.

Moreover, according to Ceran, “With Riverbed, we have accelerated application delivery up to 300 per cent, resulting in sub-second response times for Office 365, which is located in a datacentre 4,000 miles away.”

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