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Packet Broker And TAP Leader Joins Riverbed Alliance

Network Critical, a leader in packet broker and TAP technology, has joined the Riverbed Technology Alliance programme (RTA) to collaborate on network visibility capabilities.

The RTA is a select group of companies working closely with Riverbed Technology to enable location-independent computing through the development of new applications and products.

As a member of the RTA, Network Critical is working with Riverbed to optimise network monitoring, providing customers with dependable, precise and efficient access to network links.

To achieve this goal, Network Critical is combining the SmartNA-X HD, an easy to use and flexible aggregation and filtering platform, with the Riverbed Application Performance Platform. This permits customers to use a single network connection for accessing application tools without disrupting network operations. The bundle also offers performance enhancing features such as load balancing, filtering and aggregation.

According to Katie Colbert, senior director of global alliances at Riverbed, this combination makes it easy for organisations to turn location and distance into a competitive advantage by eliminating technical constraints. This liberates organisations by allowing business objectives to drive where and how applications and data are hosted and delivered for optimal business performance.

Riverbed Technology is the leader in application performance infrastructure, delivering location-independent computing to organisations.

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