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National Instruments reduces troubleshooting time by 90% with Riverbed

National Instruments has reduced the time it spends on troubleshooting application performance issues by 90 per cent following the implementation of a Riverbed Technology performance management solution.

National Instruments provides engineers and scientists with the tools they need to aid their productivity, innovation and discovery. Before using Riverbed AppInternals XpertTM, part of the Riverbed Performance Management product suite, the company had to spend thousands of hours every year to resolve issues with newly released applications.

Riverbed Technology is a leader in application performance infrastructure . Its AppInternals XpertTM solution provides clients with greater visibility over how applications are performing. This allowed National Instruments to detect and fix problems 90 per cent faster than it had been able to.

The previously lengthy process diagnosing and addressing problems had caused tension within the company; business operations had suffered and the rate of adoption for new applications had slowed as internal finger-pointing became prevalent.

The fact that National Instruments’ web systems team now has to spend less time troubleshooting has freed it to focus on improving the company’s website. Specifically, developers are able to spend more time adding revenue-generating functionality to the site.

Eric McCraw, global web systems manager for IT at National Instruments, said: “Riverbed AppInternals Xpert software allows us to see deep inside the applications to diagnose the root causes of performance problems.

“Riverbed lets us remove the guesswork and emotional finger-pointing and get down to the facts about how the application is actually performing. Facts get rid of the emotion very quickly.”

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