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How Riverbed Stingray Can Unblock Your Application Backlog

IT managers struggling to satisfy customers attracted to a successful online app need to turn to the right technology – or succumb to application backlog.

Problems that having a great app that users love often centre on a ceaseless attempt to improve the customer experience. This leads to a need to prioritise customers, boost performance without throwing more servers at the problem and be able to quickly resolve security or performance issues. Hence, application backlog.

Application-centric traffic management combined with virtual application delivery control functionality may be the only approach that can get you out of this cul-de-sac, says experts.

The issues were recently well laid-out by Riverbed Technology insider Mike Iem, senior product marketing manager for the company’s Stingray business unit.

Iem details how the Stingray Traffic Manager is proving itself to be the best way many organisations can find to deal with these problems.

Stingray, he points out, was designed from the ground up to help organisations hosting valuable business-critical TCP or UDP-based services, such as Web/media delivery, XML-based services and so on.

Stingray’s scalability enables front-end traffic managers or back end servers to be added dynamically as needed, too.

For more information about Riverbed, please click here and to view the blog post in full click here.

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