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First Colo Selects Arbor Networks’ Peakflow Platform

Arbor Networks Inc has been selected to provide distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection to the hosting, managed services and IT infrastructure provider First Colo.

The German company will be using the Arbor Peakflow platform to protect both its infrastructure and its customers from the threat of DDoS attacks.

First Colo’s data centres can be found across Europe, providing its customers with high performance services such as hosting and content delivery networks. The implementation of Arbor Networks’ Peakflow solution will combine with the company’s already existing system providing protection and rapid plans for DDoS attacks.

First Colo CEO Martin Verges commented: “Customer security is not just about data, it is also about protecting availability itself. By deploying Arbor Networks’ Peakflow platform in our data centres, we’re giving our customers the peace of mind they need that their business will remain up and running no matter what DDoS attack activity may be taking place behind the scenes.”

Arbor’s Premier Partner Xantaro was onboard to ensure the smooth integration of the Arbor Networks system into First Colo’s infrastructure. As well as playing a key part in the implementation of the Peakflow platform, the service integrator will now act as a support and maintenance service.

Arbor Networks president Matthew Moynahan explained that Peakflow and the Peakflow Threat Management System’s ability to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks would enable First Colo to prevent them from affecting their infrastructure and the service they provide to their customers.

He added: “This is incredibly important to the thousands of companies that rely on First Colo’s infrastructure to keep their own business up and running.”

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