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Converged IT Helps Overcome Technological Challenges, Riverbed States

IT teams are increasingly moving from a back-office department to become drivers of innovation and business efficiency, according to an industry expert.

People working in IT are no longer merely tasked with making sure printers are working, they are now delivering ways for companies to achieve their business goals in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. These are the words of Bill Ting, a marketing evangelist at Riverbed Technology.

Riverbed is a leading provider of application performance infrastructure . The company works to enable customers to detect and address any problems within a network or its applications before such issues have a detrimental effect on the business.

Mr Ting explains that in today’s workplace, “IT is becoming more of a 'service provider', playing a fundamental role in the foundation of the company and can have a huge impact on the bottom line”. He adds that as the list of devices and applications needing support grows, performance management tools are proving invaluable.

However, a key problem for IT departments to address within this new role, Mr Ting states, is that of remote working and geographically dispersed offices. He says: “These branch offices have all the technology needs of a corporate headquarters, but rarely have a full complement of IT professionals to manage them.”

The solution he proposes is to take a converged approach; as well as protecting data wherever it is, he asserts that “converged infrastructure collapses disparate compute, storage, and network infrastructure into a single appliance, all with industry-standard virtualisation and automation capabilities. The result is a pre-integrated stack optimised to run workloads at the branch”.

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