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Blach Construction Gains Competitive Advantage With Riverbed

Riverbed Technology has announced that Blach Construction is using its Riverbed SteelFusion appliances to improve its IT systems and boost profits.

The construction firm opted for Riverbed’s solution because it will improve the firm’s disaster recovery capability, simplify IT infrastructure at remote construction sites, and increase overall profitability in a close-margin business.

Riverbed is the leader in Application Performance Infrastructure – the company’s SteelFusion product provides branch converged infrastructure, which simplifies remote site applications and data. It does this by centralising it back to the data centre, meaning that it is easy to control and secure while also boosting local performance for remote site users.

Founded in 1970, Blach Construction operates in California and often requires IT infrastructure to support workers at anything between 30 or 40 different sites at any one time. Making sure data is stored centrally, not on the individual sites, is not only cheaper and faster but it also makes it far safer.

Dominic Sylvia, Blach Construction’s director of IT, explained: “Now if somebody breaks into our remote sites, including our HQ office and steals our equipment, our data is safe in the data centre – all we have to do is replace our SteelFusion Edge appliance.

“And with SteelFusion, even though data is stored in a different location, application performance in the headquarters is as good as it was when all data and applications were stored on-site.”

Sylvia added that in a close-margin industry, Riverbed’s technology has given the company a vital competitive advantage. “Riverbed Technology has helped my team achieve Blach’s current infrastructure goals and therefore has helped us better support the business,” he said.

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