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Arbor Networks Study Reveals Delay In Identifying Advanced Threats

A new study carried out by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Arbor Networks has revealed just how long it takes businesses to identify advanced threats.

Worryingly, the research found that it takes 98 days for financial services firms to spot a malicious attack on their IT environment, while in retail this figure goes up to 197 days. Even more of a concern, despite these slow identification times, 58 per cent of financial services and 71 per cent of retail companies said they are not optimistic about their ability to improve these results in the coming year.

Arbor is a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks. It works with companies to give them insight into when their systems come under attack and provides the tools to fight off these advanced threats.

Importantly, the researchers say, the need for organisations to protect themselves against advanced threats is only going to increase. Indeed, the survey found that within the financial services sector, 83 per cent experienced more than 50 attacks per month, while 44 per cent of retail firms did.

Matthew Moynahan, president of Arbor Networks, commented on the findings: "It’s time to find a better balance between technology solutions, usability, workflow and the people who use them. As security vendors, we need to help our customers so they can adapt to this new cyber security reality that balances the threats with the people who fight them every day.”

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