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Arbor Networks Leads Service Provider Expansion

Arbor Networks Inc has been prominently featured in a new report from Frost & Sullivan that examines the role, capabilities and advantages of service providers in the DDoS mitigation process, as well as how the role may develop in the future.

Entitled 'The Expanding Role of Service Providers in DDoS Mitigation', the paper was written by senior industry analyst Chris Rodriguez and notes that DDoS is an increasing problem for enterprise networks and their service providers. Degrading or causing a loss of service, DDoS attacks increase bandwidth consumption in the network and cause issues for service providers.

The paper states: “Arbor Networks provides the vast majority of service provider DDoS mitigation equipment, including to nearly all Tier 1 service providers, powering more than 50 Internet service provider (ISP)-based, managed DDoS mitigation services.”

According to the paper, Arbor Networks has developed expertise in mitigating large and complex DDoS attacks including those that leverage amplification techniques, enabling the firm to manage attacks throughout their equipment and services deployed across the world's service provider network.

This expertise was acknowledged by the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) when they submitted a final report on Remediation of Server-based DDoS Attacks.

Matthew Moynahan, Arbor Networks' president, has stated that the report recognises that no other vendor has more experience working with the service provider market in the fight against DDoS attacks than Arbor Networks.

"The good news for providers is that they can use the same solution they protect their own infrastructure with to deliver revenue generating managed security services to their customers," he said.

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