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Arbor Networks Launches Application For Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Arbor Networks has revealed a new on-premise analytics solution to enable organisations to monitor and investigate security threats as they occur.

The Pravail Security Analytics appliance is designed to provide security teams with real-time visibility into any attacks on their IT systems. The company – a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks – says that the appliance provides users with the tools required to actively hunt threats lurking in their networks.

Attacks on IT systems are no longer isolated incidents; they are often long, sophisticated campaigns that can result in the theft of valuable data. Realising this trends, Arbor has created a solution that will swiftly mine through terabytes of data from the richest source of network information – full packet captures – to identify activity that indicates the system has been compromised.

By providing real-time insights to security threats, teams can quickly respond and find the best means of defeating the attack.

Arbor Networks president Matthew Moynahan said: “The CISOs I talk to are frustrated by the status quo and are looking to break out of a model that is, by design, alert-driven and reactionary.

“Pravail Security Analytics gives power and control back to the security team – enabling them to proactively hunt for the attacks that are putting the business at risk versus simply investigating alerts. By focusing their efforts on the hunt, security teams are able to quickly identify and stop the most stealthy attacks, minimising damage to the business.”

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