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Arbor Networks Deployed For Infrastructure Protection

Arbor Networks has announced that the Arbor Peakflow platform has been deployed by PenTeleData, a provider of voice, video, data and internet services.

According to Arbor Networks – a leading provider of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks – Peakflow was chosen to protect the company's infrastructure from DDoS attacks, which act as the primary threat to their service availability.

Commenting on the deployment, PenTeleData's CEO Jeff Reinhar stated that the company has been focused on their network security for 20 years, and as such is determined to provide the top service to their customers no matter what threats their network may face.

Mr Reinhard confirmed that the deployment of Arbor Peakflow within the company has provided the ideal solution to DDoS attacks, which have recently emerged as a significant threat to the quality and availability of PenTeleData's services.

He continued: “We’re now able to protect all of our customers from DDoS attacks, at no additional cost to them. That makes us quite unique in the industry, and serves as further demonstration of our commitment to our customers.”

According to Arbor Networks, the Peakflow platform includes two main components, Peakflow and the Peakflow Threat Management system. The latter solution combines the two technologies to create a network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering system with world class threat management, detecting and removing the attack traffic while allowing business traffic to continue.

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