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Allianz Turkey Halves Response Time With Riverbed SteelCentral

Global insurance firm Allianz has announced that it has cut server response time in half since deploying solutions from Riverbed Technology.

Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure , rolled out its SteelCentral performance management solution for Allianz’s Turkish branch. The product has enabled the insurer to better analyse, diagnose and resolve performance issues in its corporate network, customer-facing applications and web interactions with customers.

The result of the deployment has been that Allianz Turkey has reduced page load time by 51 per cent, thereby improving productivity and customer experience.

Allianz is the 31st largest company on the planet, with over 148,000 employees in more than 70 countries serving 83 million clients. In Turkey the company has 2,500 employees, 12 regional offices and 3,700 agencies – to support its continuing growth it was essential to address IT issues related to its application and network performance.

Neval Bircaner, Allianz Turkey IT governance supervisor, explained: “Whenever an application performance issue occurred, it was often difficult to pinpoint the root cause. It was hard to determine whether the application performance issues were due to the applications, the network or our database.”

Allianz Turkey opted to take on five solutions within the SteelCentral portfolio. Mr Bircaner praised the solutions for being quick to install, easy to integrate and providing an ideal dashboard to find problems fast.

He added: “Following the deployment of SteelCentral solutions, our customers have seen a significant improvement in performance. Riverbed has made a positive impact for us by helping us to considerably improve the customer experience.”

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