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PoE Midspans


Microsemi‘s midspans continue leadership of Power over Ethernet technology with the recent launch of Green midspans – that deliver power over all 4 pairs of CAT-5 or better cable reducing the amount of power lost over the cable by 50% and through defining contributions to the development of HDBaseT standard which allows delivery of up to 95W of power. 

These advances in PoE technology allow PoE support for even more devices; thin clients, digital displays, MESH wireless access points.  Further, lower costs and improved reliability are realised with the use of our unique web-based SNMP power management tool.

Current Microsemi midspans are suitable to power both new and legacy end terminals up to 60W. This patented technology eliminates the time, cost and inconvenience of installing separate AC power infrastructure. When used in conjunction with a centralised uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a midspan also provides reassurance for continuous operation of Ethernet devices – even during instances of external AC power failures.

Microsemi IEEE 802.3 standards compliant midspans are available in 1, 4, 6, 12, and 24 port configurations with up to 60W of power, with or without management. 

Microsemi has recently released a line of outdoor compatible midspans that will safely provide PoE to outdoor-based Etherenet devices – such as IP cameras, wireless access points – up to 60W.  The PD-9001GO and PD-9501GO outdoor midspans have an IP66 rating which allows them to be installed in extreme conditions and provides surge protection to protect other devices on the network from the risks of outdoor conditions.

Microsemi's PoE Midspans
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