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ISP/Carriers DDoS Mitigation


Arbor Networks SP

Arbor Networks SP delivers real-time network visibility and countermeasure. This allows users to combat any threats to its network before they adversely affect the end-user.

Arbor provides solutions for many of the world’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and enterprises. Providing a range of countermeasures against threats such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, Arbor Networks SP is a flexible and scalable solution that combines two tools: the Arbor Networks SP Solution and the Arbor Networks TMS.

The Arbor Networks SP Solution focuses on providing visibility and actionable intelligence, informing the client about exactly what is happening in their network. This means that the user, such as an ISP, can proactively secure its network services, improve network performance and reduce costs by avoiding downtime as a result of malicious activity, for example DDoS attacks.

Arbor Networks TMS

Arbor Networks TMS, meanwhile, delivers a full suite of attack countermeasures that surgically remove attack traffic. As DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace – in which the attacker bombards a network with traffic until it cannot cope – this is an extremely important tool. It means the user can keep the legitimate traffic flow intact without interrupting network services.

As ISPs and enterprises face increasing demand for services and availability, Arbor Networks SP is an essential tool for maintaining operational excellence. Combining analysis, visibility, intelligence and threat management, Arbor Networks SP solution provides a comprehensive countermeasure against malicious network attacks.

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