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Enterprise Advanced Threat Protection


Arbor Networks Spectrum™

Arbor Networks Spectrum™ is a revolutionary new platform that allows users to view global, attack campaigns in real-time across their entire network. Connected to an organisation’s internal traffic patterns it can detect the most damaging threats, those representing the highest form of risk.

Designed completely from scratch with the security user in mind, real-time workflows and analytics empower and scale security teams to investigate and prove threats 10x more efficiently than any other existing solution today. Security forensics supply complete visibility into all past and present network activity at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

Identify and Stop Threats Fast with Arbor Networks Spectrum™

The platform is incredibly easy to deploy and operate with a single view of all traffic. Tech/IT teams can now see what’s going on across the whole network, on any machine and pin point the issue as it happens and react immediately. And the faster you identify a threat, the faster you can put a stop to it and minimise the damage caused. So for ‘Investigation at the speed of thought’ discover Arbor Spectrum today.

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