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Enterprise DDoS Mitigation


Arbor Cloud – A Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation Solution

Arbor Cloud provides enterprises and service providers alike with a signalling and mitigation solution to enable them to combat the threat of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Volumetric DDoS attacks – in which a network is bombarded with traffic until it cannot cope – are becoming increasingly common, now representing one of the main threats to organisations’ networks. Arbor has established itself as the leading expert in defending against DDoS attacks and the Arbor Cloud is one of its primary tools in this battle.

The Arbor Cloud provides an integrated, on-demand solution that delivers protection from the full spectrum of modern DDoS attacks that target bandwidth, applications and infrastructure, often at the same time. With service providers and enterprises relying heavily on the cloud, this is an essential mitigation tool for protecting the entire network, from on-premise into the cloud.

Real-Time Signalling & Mitigation Against DDoS Attacks

For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), the Arbor Cloud can provide the additional expertise and capacity they need to protect their infrastructure and ensure its availability at all times. Providing real-time signalling and mitigation against DDoS attack, this on-demand solution can underpin the activity of ISPs and enterprises, offering a cost-effective means of protecting their services and their customers.

Speed and agility are everything when it comes to combating network attacks – the Arbor Cloud’s 24/7 on-demand Security Operations Center works with IT teams to remove malicious traffic and keep services running as normal. Arbor’s cloud signalling reduces the time this takes from hours or minutes down to just seconds.

Customers can also offload traffic to the Arbor Cloud if their system would otherwise be unable to cope, meaning the network can operate unaffected while the attack is resolved.

Arbor Networks APS – Industry-Leading Protection System

Arbor Networks is a global leader in network security. The Arbor Networks APS family of products represents one of its leading solutions, offering IT and security teams a means of protecting their web-based applications and services from a huge range of advanced attacks.

The Arbor Networks APS system includes Arbor Networks NSI, Arbor Networks SA and Arbor Networks APS. This suite of products gives the user the intelligence, insight, visibility and tools they need to combat any attack. Using big data analytics it provides a real-time view of the network and any risks it might be facing.

DDoS & Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

Arbor Networks NSI gives operators an unparalleled view of their network while Arbor Networks SA focuses on advanced data analytics to inform response decision in the case of an attack. Arbor Networks APS offers real-time updates containing actionable insights on DDoS attacks and other advanced threats.

Availability around the clock is essential for anyone using or providing online services – Arbor Networks APS delivers this by providing the user with a complete view of their network activities so they can act quickly in the case of an attack. Combining intelligence and analytics, Arbor Networks APS provides the world’s most advanced attack detection and mitigation technology so the user can stop attacks before they affect the business.

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